Thallasotherapy is from the word Thalassa in Greek, meaning the sea and it is the term coined in the 19th Century to describe the many uses and curative effects of sea water and substances derived from the sea, such as seaweed, marine mud and sea-spray.

Thalassotherapy is based on the principle of treating the body with sea water and seaweed, either as a cure, a good health practice or as a preventive measure. Our Thalassotherapy treatments use Thalgo seaweed and muds for the most highly theraputic applications.

Once upon a time it would not have been possible to receive thalassotherapy out side of the coastal resorts on the mediterranean, but thanks to Thalgo's patented method of marine micronisation thalassotherapy can be enjoyed anywhere in the world.

Some of the unique benefits of thalassotherapy is possible because sea water has a similar consistancy to blood plasma and when micronised seaweed reaches 34-36 degrees C it is possible for the passage of enriched ions to penetrate the skin.