St Tropez Tanning

St Tropez is a totally relaxing way of getting a tan and without the dangers of the sun. St Tropez tanning has been around for more than 20 years and has an aroma guard ingredient that stops the tell tale smell that one used to get with artificial tanning.

Offer 10% off Monday and Tuesday

St Tropez Luxury Tanning


A relaxing luxury treatment with a delicious St Tropez full body pre treatment exfoliation

St Tropez Tanning Express


A great treatment when time is short and exfoliation can be done at home before treatment booking

St Tropez Luxury Exfoliation


A luxury pampering treatment that can be taken to inprove the look, feel and hydration of the skin or as an added professional exfoliation between tanning naturally or with St Tropez products.

Discount if taken within 10 days of a St Tropez tan at Atkinson's.


Tanning Parties


For 3 or more people, an express St Tropez Tan for just £27 each. (not in conjunction with any other discount)

St Tropez After Care Advice

Do wear dark, loose fitting clothing that can be washed should any tan rub off onto clothes.

Try not to wash before 8 to 10 hours after treatment.

For longer lasting and more beautiful looking skin do exfoliate every three days and top up with any of the St Tropez tan extending products.

Remenber that if you swim in chlorinated water this will start to fade any tan especially an artificial one.

If sitting in the sun please wear a sun block as the St Tropez tan does not offer any protection to U.V.rays.

Lastly, a St Tropez tan will last about 7 to 10 days with care and can be easily extended with any of the St Tropez tanning products for home use.