Non-invasive Colonic Therapies

The most efficient way of improving your health is to try a body detox, this can be done in so many ways from changing your diet to having massage or colonic therapy, but once you have detoxed the benefits become so apparent especially with energy levels, general immunity and how you look.

The Atkinson's unique colonic cleansing technique

Doesn't involve discomfort or water and pipes! Just a totally integrated alternative approach. To see if it would be what you might want just book a consultation with Kelly or Lyn and find out if this could be of help to you.

Who should consider a detox or colonic cleanse?

Anyone who suffers with bloating and slow colonic transit, or those who think that they no longer feel as good as they once did, also those on medication, the contraception pill, who smoke, drink, party too hard and those experiencing hormone changes or sluggishness.

How long have these treatments been around?

Possibly for hundreds of years in one form or another, but Atkinson’s has been busy developing their own exclusive techniques since the early 80’s and have found that the public awareness has now caught up.

What sort of detox is best?

This can only be decided in a consultation but all our detox treatments are natural and safe ans can be taken in combination.

What can i expect?

All treatments are safe, comforting and without harmful side effects, especially our Colonic Cleanse, as this totally holistic treatment does not involve water or pipes! The full benefit of all therapies can take a day or so to be noticed because therapies work with our bodies own natural rhythm. A little tiredness might be experienced followed by lots of energy and frequent but normal bowel movement, also a noticeable flattening of the stomach or shape change with a feeling of abdominal relief. Some people find that at least two treatment are needed to get things moving and that a course can deliver unexpected health benefits including dropping a dress size!

What clients think?

99% of clients find that these therapies deliver results especially the alternative colonic with a lot of clients preferring our alternative therapy to hydro colonics and some clients are so amazed that they keep a regular appointment in the diary just for good measure. We hope that if you decide to try our therapies that you too will become one of our very satisfied and pleased clients.

Alternative Colonic Therapies


Great Purifying Therapy

(non invasive) No pipes or water! but how does it work?. Atkinson's method offers a supportive therapy that uses targeted reflex stimulation to the back, stomach and feet and aims to improve the functioning of both the small and large intestine, the liver, kidneys, spleen, gall bladder and pancreas and also includes a comforting and warming clay stomach mask to relieve bloating.