Holistic & Aromatherapy Massage

Atkinson’s wonderful holistic therapies are designed and inspired exclusively by Lyn and Kelly and offer a perfect retreat from the stresses of the day.

Each treatment is carefully tailored to benefit our clients individual requirements and features the application of Atkinson’s own brand of hand blended organic prescriptions. Our unique holistic massage will combine warm towels and hot peat bottles with beautiful therapeutic tinctures, balms, and aroma oils and include, soothing strokes and deep reflex massage, all designed to rebalance, cleanse and revitalise the body.

Holistic Aromatherapy and Wellbeing Massage


This treatment will combine aromatherapy with deep tissue and swedish techniques plus reflex therapy to the spine and feet and is designed to address health and wellbing issues in depth.

Ginger and Lime Lymphatic Booster Massage


This treatment is a deep tissue technique that helps the body perform a natural flush, concentrating on deep lymphatic drainage and includes a some colonic massage and detox zone therapy to the feet. Great treatment to have before or after travelling, as a pre menstral preparation or as a little extra help in keeping extra pounds off.

Slimming Colonic Massage and Wrap

Special Offer £85

Swedish Deep Tissue Massage


A Swedish massage technique performed with Atkinson's stress relief organic muscle balm.

Aromatherepy Prescription Body Massage


This deeply relaxing aromatherapy trratment is a great tonic at any time and features the Atkinson's Spa House professional blend aromatherapy oil elixirs, body balms and tinctures for a totally fragrant and organic experience.

Back Flex


A wonderful therapeutic hour spent enjoying a deep tissue back reflex and foot reflex massage.

Indian Head Massage


This wonderful treatment is done seated on a chair and fully clothed. Designed to deeply relax and to release deep tension and stress this therapy is perfect for headaches, stress, tension and anxiety.

Back, Neck & Cranium Massage


A 30 minute deep relaxation treatment to the back, neck and head that concentrates on muscle aches and stress points, can be deep tissue.

Hopi Ear Candle Treatment


This treatment includes candling and gentle head and sinus massage. Great treatment.

Stress Bust Back Massage


A 20 minute stress busting back massage.

Hot Lava Stone Back Massage


A 30 minute back therapy that combines swedish, deep tissue and hot stone massage to the back, a great treatment for deep seated stress or aches but fantastic for total and deep relaxation of the back.

  • With back exfoliationSpecial Offer £45

Hot Lava Stone Full Body Massage


This therapy is ultra deep and should not be combined with other massage therapies as this treatment concentrates on every part of the body with deep tissue, swedish and hot stone technique. A float away session that will deliver results for days after.

  • With full body exfoliation Special Offer £85


A totally relaxing and natural way of improving health and wellbeing. Can be used to help fatigue, insomnia, bloating, slimming, hormone balancing, as a preparation for pregnancy, or just as a good way to stay healthy.

  • 30 minutes £25
  • 60 minutes £47

Beauty Sleep


Fantastic full body and face relaxation massage with a little Zzzz, plus a wake up refreshment tray.